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We offer drop off and pick up services as well as mail in services for all types of Cell Phones, Tablets, and Laptops! Call today to schedule.


Repair Services

We're Here to Help

Gregg Will Fix IT, LLC  works hard to provide all of our customers with top notch repair services at competitive prices. In addition to our standard Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and Drone repair services, we also provide guidance and instructions on how to maintain the working condition of your items. When you need a professional repair solution, you can be sure to trust the services here at 

Gregg Will Fix It, LLC

We repair screens, charge ports, microphones, home/side/power buttons, front/rear cameras, batteries, headphone ports, ear loudspeakers, RAM sticks, Data Recovery, propellers, motors, cameras, gimbals and more!


Drop Off/Pick Up Services

Most Phones in 2 hours, Tablets in 24-48 hours, Laptops in 3-4 hours! (Times may vary depending on services being done).

With this convenient and effective drop off service, our professional team is able to repair your Phone while you are out and about. It’s our priority to return your items looking great and functioning at full capacity, all in a reasonable amount of time. Give us a call and discover the repair service that best meets your needs.

Located in downtown Evergreen!

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Mail-In Services

To far to come to us? Mail it in!

This service is where you can Mail us your device that you are having an issue with. Very useful for our client's that know about our reputation, but are unable to take advantage of our drop-off Services.

Contact us about the issue that you are having with your device. If it is something that we can take of for you, we will provide more information about mailing in your device.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Attention to Detail

Sometimes all you need is a good cleaning! Speakers and Microphones get clogged easily with daily use. Charge ports get plugged up with lint. Even your laptop gets too much use and gets dirty.

Let us do a good cleaning and make sure that you can hear people and they can hear you, your charger clicks in place, and everything is working as efficiently as can be. We can even put on Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (Depending pin model and availability).

Contact us for more details!


Operating Hours 

Appointments Preferred But Walk-Ins Welcome!

  • Sun:      CLOSED

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  • Sat:        9:00am - 6:00pm


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